29 September 2010


My favourite prank I played at university was when I was on the Student Council.  The Council was angry with its full-time administration staff over an organisation consultant whom we felt was contracted without justification or approval.

We skirmished with a minority faction on the right who supported the staff, but we were at diplomatic war with the consultant herself.  Her name was Sandra, and the most memorable moment of her for us was her pounding on the table at a meeting and shouting: "Why won't you just submit?!"

The upcoming Student Union's Annual General Meeting would vote on the disputed contract.  It was scheduled for the same day as the release of "Star Trek: First Contact," about Picard and crew's encounter with the Borg Collective.  I drafted a poster and we hung copies all over campus:

   to the
Annual General Meeting
November 22 1996
Death is irrelevant!
Resistance is futile!

The right faction was furious when they noticed that the poster, read vertically, spelled "SANDRA."

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