08 August 2006

London calling

Thass roit, mate. Oi went t' London. Wassit t' you? Oi picked me up a London attichude, Oi did. Coss me firt'y quid.

London bridge was indeed falling down, as is its perpetual state. The municipal authorities are constantly racing to keep it from collapsing, reinforcing the uprights and pylons, and repairing the deck. It's a massive 24-hour effort that has been going for four centuries.

I was sick of bangers and mash by the time I left London. It is the standard currency, there.

I picked up a lovely London tailored suit for a dozen bangers and two-and-a-half pounds of mash, but it unfortunately became sullied in the transaction. They offered to clean it for me, and will only charge me a banger and a tablespoon of mash.

Apple studios is made entirely of apples, and I can't understand how anyone ever recorded anything there. I always thought it was just a name, but—nope—walls made of apples, floor made of apples, mixing deck made of apples. Actually, it's just a big pile of apples. Somehow they make millions out of it, and some good music, too. I bought an
album made of apples for two bangers and a quart of mash.

Happy to keep you informed.