28 September 2008

How to get rid of people.

The whole problem with civilisation is people. Get rid of the people — what's the problem? No crime. No wars. Greenhouse gas cuts of 100% instantly worldwide.

I am forming a party. The People's Party For Ending Humanity (PPFEH). I have a lifetime of experience disdaining and have a bright vision of the future. That's why I'm asking for your vote.

Vote PPFEH! Get rid of people!

04 September 2008

Mother Greg

Mother Greg and Other Greg were brothers, ungoverned and gregarious
and otherwise very Southern. Another southerner, Carruthers, was the other son of their over-eager father, Regular Greg, who'd rather have wed Carruthers' lover, Leggy Peggy, undercover somewhere or other. Though they'd never met, the ever negative Mother Greg resented brother Carruthers and the other, Other Greg, who would have had to have had what whichever of the other brothers would have otherwise not had. This bothered Uncle Father Greg, The Gregorian monk and unlucky brother of Carruthers and the other brothers' father, Regular Greg. "Carbuncles!" Uncle Father Greg bellowed when he lectured the regularly interrogated Regular Greg. "Mudder Greg an' Udder Greg ar' brudders! Get de fayr o' God in 'em!"