28 March 2010

The Adventures of Tom's Lawyer

Signatures of Mark Twain
by Mark Twain

The thrilling construction of the case against Injun Joe, from pretrial hearing through to sentencing.

12 March 2010

The French Confection

Hackman won the Academy Award for Best Actor a...
by Robin Moore

Detectives Edward "Popeye" Egan and Salvatore Grosso bust a drug cartel for smuggling heroin into New York in 60 kilos of profiteroles.

Zeno and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

by Robert Pirsig

Greek philosopher takes a road trip and never reaches his destination.

10 March 2010

Bloody hat!

I am sick to bloody death of hat. Every bloody night, it's hat. Akubra hat. Fedora hat. Panama hat. Every bloody night, hat for dinner! For just one bloody night, can we not have steak!?