27 October 2009

Video Game Turns On Children

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) — Two children were killed in Sydney yesterday when the video game they were playing rose up and revolted against the family, prompting calls for a review here of current game ratings.

26 October 2009

Internet connection

My internet isn't connected, but I manage to surf the net by picking up the phone and screaming "one one one zero one zero zero one zero zero one one!" as fast as I can.


This journal recently reported erroneously the disappearance of a busload of Australian tourists in Gaza.  The article should have stated that it was in fact a busload of Austrians.  And it wasn't a busload; it was a busloaf.

18 March 2009


Larks are not happy. Whoever coined the phrase "happy as a lark" should get his bloody facts straight. The Monotonous Lark and the Black Lark are mournful, troubled birds with the highest rate of depression among passerines.

28 January 2009

The Pyramids of Palestine

ISRAEL—An Australian travel agency has been implicated in the disappearance of a busload of tourists in the Gaza Strip in January. At the height of the Israeli incursion in Gaza, twelve Australian tourists bound for the Egyptian pyramids at Giza found themselves in Gaza City after failing to recognise a typographical error in their travel brochure. The seven men and five women have not been found.